In the back of my mind, I still get bent out of shape that I’m not painting more regularly.

In the front of my mind, I’m appreciating how great this sun blob is and I’m cool, because chill out.

Maybe my real “work” is less about the quantity of paintings and drawings that I can show off before they gather dust in the basement and more about trying to share my weirdness so that you can feel comfortable with yours, too.

If I create a painting that makes you imagine or feel or I share the fact that I like to stand in sun blobs or hold my toes with my other toes or dance around like I am literally the world’s most accomplished ballerina when I’m home alone and invite you to do the weird or unexpected thing you want to do too and you DO it? Maybe that’s the point of me as an artist/creative person/human.

However successfully or unsuccessfully I’ve executed it, the motivation behind my creative work has always grown from the desire to inspire people to get into themselves and to dig and notice and go beyond the parts of ourselves that make sense and see what’s there. Open up a little intentional space in time where we’re free to let our brains go wherever they want without judgement.

A dog park.

Basically I’m trying to create an off-leash dog park for your brain.

Like, how great does it feel to let an excited dog off the leash? You feel the anticipation because you know your dog is feeling the anticipation and you get to bestow this amazing gift of freedom and joy and watch him take off like a maniac.

What if, for 5 minutes, we let our brains off the leash and just imagined the wackiest thing we’d ever like to do and we didn’t even care how possible or impossible it was and we just thought it and loved it and congratulated ourselves for daring to dream bigger than we think we deserve and then we stood in a sun blob because we wanted to and then got back to work, because reality is still a thing, but so are our dreams.

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