For the past year, I’ve been “meaning to get back into blogging!” 

I loved sharing my travels and experiences and sometimes nonsensical art-blabber through the INITIRIC blog, but kept putting off bringing this blog to life after I landed back in Pittsburgh. Mostly because I no longer thought my life was exciting enough to write about.

Oh, and also because I spent a large portion of the past year dealing with some pesky depression, which would explain the Debby Downer attitude in regards to my “life excitement levels”.

Oh, and ALSO because I fell in love with an upstanding young gentleman/artist/scholar and let’s be honest. Love is the most glorious time suck.

But anyway. I’m just going to put on my nicest pair of “This is as good a time as any” pants, throw out the need to consistently present the world with something mind-blowing, and just get back into it.

I sincerely welcome you, Whoever’sreadingthis, to step into my brain this Tuesday. 


Harlequin 3

“Harlequin Brain Space”, 2013


Today, Tuesday, May 19, 2015, I’m thinking about women. 

I think about women a lot actually. Because I’m trying to figure out how to be a really great one. I’m also trying to get over my fear of the pretty and successful ones. And I’m trying to stop hating on the ones who are different from me.

Is anyone else in this boat with me?

Anyway, this afternoon I was thinking about women and, more specifically, about what a vast variety of exceptional ones there are enlightening my life.

My life is overflowing with so many perfectly imperfect examples of awesome women who remind me that it’s totally and gloriously acceptable to be confident in my own unique self. Because there’s a seat of value for all of us.

I don’t necessarily have anything outstandingly wise to say in response to this revelation, I think I just wanted to throw some gratitude out into the universe.


To the adventurers and the new-seekers,

To the grace show-ers and the peaceful hearts,

To the unashamed-f-word-sayers,

To the mothers, the wives, the girlfriends, and the confidently single,

To the life-questioning and the unknown-embracing,

To the take-on-the-world and content-where-I-am-ers,

To the lovingly honest,

To the inner-self explorers,

To the trying-to-be-better-and-failing-and-succeeding-in-interesting-combinations,

To the strength-focused,

And to every variety in between.

Thank you!

Thank you for being beautiful examples of real and for creating a freeingly (spellcheck says that’s not a word?) diverse narrative of what it means to be a women.

I’m going to end this with something that I personally wish I heard from myself daily in the hopes that you’ll appreciate hearing it as well:


You are valuable, and seen, and perfect in your imperfection. 


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Right on Laura, your ideas are not just for women, you know; there are some of us (not many but increasing in numbers) men who understand. Your art, i.e., your work shows that. As always, love your posts on facebook. Write on, Laura! Dave

    Dave Hedrick

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